Chef J bbq all started with a fire that has been burning inside since he was a young child. He was raised in an Italian family where store bought stuff was a no no. He learned early on that it’s just better when you make food the right way and make what you can, yourself.

Chef J has been in the restaurant business for 19 years. He started working for a family owned restaurant when he was 14 and always had dreams of opening his own restaurant. From there he continued to hone his craft, and love of BBQ, bringing only his best.

Chef J sticks to tradition and family recipes, he finds it just tastes better. He’s taken that same approach when creating his BBQ.  He uses only the highest quality of meats to smoke. All of his sauces & rubs are made fresh and in-house as well.

Chef J’s meats are always served fresh and cut to order to ensure the utmost quality. His side dishes are no different. They are treated with the same respect and love as our meats. All made in-house, fresh daily with quality as our driving point. His smoker burns nothing but wood, only sacrificing sleep in the process. 😉 This isn’t the easiest way to do it but it’s definitely the right way.

Chef J is excited to bring his style of BBQ to Kansas City!



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